Analytical balances

Distillation Units

Titrators (potentiometric, thermometric)



Laboratory systems for ultra pure water production


Electronic burettes-dosing units-manual titrators

Glass thermometers

Viscometers for petroleum products

Furnaces high temperatures

Baths and relative accessories for density measurement

Baths and relative accessories for viscosity measurement

Oxidation stability meters

Rust prevention

Salinity in crude oil

Sediment Content Tester


ICP analyzers

XRF analyzers

Petroleum products analyzers

pH meters

CRM standards (CFPP, cloud point, density, distillation, elemental analysis, FAME, flash point, pour point, freezing point, X-ray)

CRM standards (atomic absorption, ion chromatography, ICP, conductivity)

Calibration standards (viscosity, flash point, density, refractive index, ΤΑΝ, ΤΒΝ, colour, turbidity, conductivity, ion chromatography, COD, BOD, TOC, etc)

Standards, consumables, reagents and accessories for ICP

Standards, consumables, reagents and accessories for XRF

Density meters portable, laboratory and on-line


Vapor pressure analyzers

Titrators with autosamplers

Titrators at-line

Glass viscometers



Reid vapor pressure for measuring the volatility of fuels, solvents, etc


ASTM glassware for petroleum products

Carbon residue tester according to Conradson

Carbon residue tester according to Ramsbottom


Conical Sieve Method for measuring the separated oil from grease during storage

Copper strip tester

FIA for measuring the type of hydrocarbons

Mini Flash Point Analyzers

Flash point and fire point analyzers

Foam testers

FTIR for fuels

Gum content residue

Herschel test for determination of ability for separation water from sample

Karl Fischer analyzers (volumetric, coulometric, with oven)

Near IR laboratory and online

Oil in water meters

On-line turbidity meters

On-line concentration meters with colour or UV

Pressure Filtration Method for determination of oil separation from grease by pressurazation

Reichert tribology for measuring the ability of lubricants to decrease friction and corrosion