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 Anton Paar released in the market the new oxygen in-line sensor, OXY 510. Look here for more details.




The new series SVM 2001 - 3001 - 4001 Stabinger viscometer came into the market to replace the older successful SVM 3000. With new better technical specifications.


SVM 3001 01



The new Rheometers MCR 72/92 came into the market. More affordable, with less accessories compared to the other MCR series Rheometers but with great capabilities.

 MCR 72 04



The new development of Anton Paar are particle size and z-potential analyzers. There are 2 models, the Litesiter 500 and its small brother, Litesizer 100. Look here for more details.






After the very successful laboratory refractometers, the in-line L-Rix 510 was released recently into the market.





Monowave 50 is the last development of Anton Paar concerning organic synthesis models. With conventional heating instead of microwaves but with a special design can have comparable performance.




EasyDens is a new density meter developed by Anton Paar. It is a portable instrument without thermostating, specially designed for measurement of apparent extract. It is controlled by a mobile smartphone. It is only available by Anton Paar directly.


Litesizer 02


 B9 2



 DMA  4200 M REN R