eraspec Web1 Autosampler FTIR instrument specialized for lubricants analysis. In a few minutes we get the full spectrum of the sample and this is compared with the spectrum of the original non used lubricant but also with all spectra integrated in the library of the instrument, which can easily be upgrated by the user. So very fast we calculate the most important parameters like Oxidation, Nitration, Sulphate, Ester breakdown, Phosphate Antiwear Additive and Antioxidant depletion for the deterioration of lubricant, Soot, Water, Glycol (Antifreeze), Gasoline, Diesel Fuel for the cross-contamination and also calculates some important parameters like ΤAN (Total Acid Number), TBN (Total Base Number), Viscosity & Viscosity Index @ 40 °C and 100 °C. ERASPEC OIL is the most modern and innovative instrument for the FTIR analysis of lubricants, developed after many years of experience and research.