eraflash thumb FTIR analyzers specialized for diesel, gasoline and jet oil, all together in one instrument. The instrument can have 2 sample cells in order to cover all needs. In a few minutes we get the full spectrum of the sample and this is compared with other spectra integrated in the library, which can easily be upgrated by the user. So we calculate very fast the most important parameters like oxygenates, aromatics, OCTANE boosters, RON, MON, AKI, RVP and DVPE, VLI, density and distillation properties for gasoline, FAME, FAEE, distinction between FAME and vegetable oil, aromatics, PNA, CETANE number and index for diesel and aromatics, PNA, FAME, freezing point, flash point for jet fuel. ERASPEC is the most modern and innovative instrument for the FTIR analysis of petroleum products, developed after many years of experience and research.