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Conductivity meters

Alcohol meters in wines-beers-drinks

Magnetic stirrers  

Analysis of soft drinks-drinks-beers laboratory and on-line

DNA analyzers

Surface and z-potential analyzers  

Sugar analyzers laboratory

Particle Analyzers

Texture analyzers of foods-cosmetics-pharmaceuticals-packaging materials

Display Colour analyzers

Analytical balances

Consumables-reagents-standards for atomic absorption


Distillation Units for petroleum products

Distillation Units for wines, Kjeldahl

Automatic sample pretreatment and analysis

Titrators (potentiometric, thermometric)

Automatic analyzers of gases and aerosols in ambient air

Automatic dilutors-dosing units

Industrial scales

Refractometers (Laboratory and on-line)

Sample splitters

Dynamic Mechanical Analyzers (DMA)

Ductility in bitumen


Accessories-reagents for arc-spark analyzers


Turbidity meters for beers laboratory

Laboratory systems for ultra pure water production

Laboratory algae and total chlorophyll meters

Laboratory particle counters


Electronic burettes-dosing units-manual titrators

Plasma freezer cabinets


Thermogravimetry high temperatures (1000 οC)

Glass thermometers

High precision thermometers

Turbidity meters

On-line viscometers I

On-line viscometers II

Rotational viscometers

Viscometers for petroleum products

Ion chromatographs

Ion meters

Furnaces high temperatures

Climatic cabinets

Thermostating baths with external circulation

Oxidation stability meters

CO2 and O2 analyzers, laboratory and on-line

Krebs Unit meters

Coating thickness measurement

Algae, cyanobacteria and total chlorophyll portable meters

Portable Benthometers

Ballast water quality check

Flow Testers of powders

Luminance meters

Luminance-colour meters

Illuminance meters

Illuminance-colour meters


Chlorophyll meters

Ice makers


Grinders and crushers

Drying-extraction-evaporation with microwaves

Petroleum products analyzers

Thermal analyzers

Organic additives in electroplating baths

Organic synthesis with microwaves

pH meters

Bath media

Polarography-cyclic voltammetry

Polarimeters laboratory and on-line


CRM standards (CFPP, cloud point, density, distillation, elemental analysis, FAME, flash point, pour point, freezing point, X-ray)

CRM standards (atomic absorption, ion chromatography, ICP, conductivity)

Calibration standards (viscosity, flash point, density, refractive index, ΤΑΝ, ΤΒΝ, colour, turbidity, conductivity, ion chromatography, COD, BOD, TOC, etc)

Viscosity and rheometry standards

Standard oils (viscosity, ΤΑΝ, ΤΒΝ, metals, chlorine, flash point, particle size, sulfur, metal-organics, biodiesel, FTIR)

Standard weights

Standards, consumables, reagents and accessories for ICP

Standards, consumables, reagents and accessories for XRF

Density meters portable, laboratory and on-line


Rheometers I

Rheometers II

Custom made robotics

Combination of instruments (polyparameter measurements)

Combination of techniques-Hyphenated systems (titration, ion chromatography, polarography, IC-MS, combustion IC)

Consistency and Plasticity

Amino acid analyzers

Sugar analysis in foods with ion chromatography

Systems for ultrapure water production for hospital analyzers

Systems for ultra pure water production for production lines

Tube furnaces

Vapor pressure analyzers laboratory and on-line

Titrators with autosamplers

Titrators at-line

Water toxicometers on-line (Daphnia & ToxProtect)

Water toxicometers on-line (algae meters)


Glass viscometers

Water baths

Ultra low temperature freezers

Ultra centrifuges

Microplate spectrophotometers

Spectrophotometers-Colorimeters (bench, portables)

UV-VIS spectrophotometers II

Special furnaces



Portable particle counters

Chemicals-reagents for BOD, COD

Portable Colorimeters

Sugar colorimeters

COD digestion systems

Microwave digestors

High temperature and pressure digestors

Digestion-sample preparation with UV radiation

Professional refrigerators

Blood bank

Cooled table for blood bag

Refrigerated Ultra centrifuges



ASTM glassware for petroleum products


Colour Readers

Mini Flash Point Analyzers

Flash point and fire point analyzers

Foam testers

FTIR for lubricants

FTIR for fuels

Gel documentation systems

Gloss meters

Gum content residue

Herschel test for determination of ability for separation water from sample

Indentation testers

Karl Fischer analyzers for gases

Karl Fischer analyzers (volumetric, coulometric, with oven)

Near IR laboratory and on-line

Non-contact 3D Digitizers

Oil in water meters

On-line COD meters

On-line pH/conductivity meters

On-line N, P, NH4 meters

On-line algae and total chlorophyll meters

On-line turbidity meters

On-line concentration meters with colour or UV

On-line particle counters

On-line colour meters

RAMAN (Portable Spectroscopic Analyzers)

RANCIMAT (Oxidation Stability of Oils/Fats-Biodiesel)

Reference Photovoltaic cells

Scratch testers

Small-angle X-ray scattering - Nanostructure

Solid phase extraction

Spectro densitometers

Spectro radiometers

Temperature forcing system

THERMOMAT (Thermal Stability of PVC)

TOC analyzers on-line